A video tutorial on importing ICP-MS files was added

I added a new tutorial on adding ICP-MS files and the chromium laser log file was added to the tutorial section of the support website (https://la-icpms.com/support). It’s meant for novice users of HDIP that need some help to get started with the basics. The tutorial is broken up in two parts. In the first part, the ICP-MS file is imported. In the second part, a laser log file is added.

Just for the user new to this thread: the import manager was changed recently in 1.3.0. The new manager has an improved layout, includes a new module in which the detector timings can be added, and should allow you to import your ICP-MS file with less mouse-clicks. In 1.3.1 there will also be additional checks for the laser log file, for example if the time between scans is very large, you will now get a warning displayed. Typically these are just cautionary, but they may point out problems with the .lase file.