How to expand the workspace for a large format HelEx cell

Problem description
Users with a 150 x 150 mm HeLex cell might have noticed that the workspace in HDIP might not reflect the actual range of the stages. This means that the drawer image is larger than the dark grey zone (the workspace) in the environment. This can cause issues, as the user can’t easily move outside of the workspace, and is thus not able to reach all parts of the drawer.

It is possible to set the sample cell type when creating a new profile. When you click your profile for the first time, the dialog below is presented.


Select the large format cell as te ablation cell, and click ok.

Alternatively, you can configure the size of the workspace by modifying the relevant parameters in the system configuration file. This file, called “systemconfiguration.ini”, can be found in C:\ProgramData\Photon Machines Inc\HDIP\Settings. Open the file with a notepad. You should be able to find the lines of text which say “travel=100000”, under the X and Y axes. This is the distance the stages can travel (in micron). Please change the values for the travel range of the X and Y stage to 150000, save the file, and restart HDIP. The workspace should now be 150 mm x150 mm.