How to organize your scans in groups

Dear HDIP user, we think some users are struggling with how their scan lines are organized in sample groups. To help them, here we provide a few guidelines:

  • Scans are organized by their scan name in Chromium. Note that one can use the “rename” function in Chromium to quickly rename the scans using consecutive numbering. The names of the scans in the ICP-MS don’t matter. Ideally, all ICP-MS data for the experiment is recorded in one run (i.e. one file).
  • Sample groups are created automatically based on sequentially numbered scans. Examples of sample groups are: a group of images forming a large image, a set of replicate measurement on a standard. The scans do not have to be measured consecutively to belong to the same group. This for example is useful when sample bracketing is used.
  • To divide scans with the same name in different groups, restart the numbering from (1,2,3,1,2,3,…).
  • Make sure you rename line scans when you Copy them down. Scans “Replicate 1”, “Replicate 1 (Copy 1)” and “Replicate 1 (Copy 2)” are all belonging to different groups, as the numbering with “1” on every group.

Organizing scans is important to make sure that the image reconstruction runs properly. We hope these tips help you organize your scans better, and improve your workflow!

If you have any questions on this, reply on this topic.