Preview of exported images

Many people were requesting a way to preview the publication graphics before they clicked export, as it would save time when organizing the layout of the figure. Sometimes, the image they exported didn’t correspond with what they expected. In HDIP 1.3.0, there is now a preview shown of the image that will be exported. Whenever one of the settings in the export module is changed, the image will be updated. For example, when the color map is changed, the image will update with the new color map in seconds. When you are trying to export all mass channels simultaneously, only the currently selected channel will be shown, but the layout of the other channels is similar. We are looking for user feedback on this new preview function to answer questions such as: ‘Is it useful?’, ‘Are there any bugs?’, ‘Are there things we forgot to add?’. Post your comments on this thread and you will be sure we will take a look at it!