Version has expanded the warning system for laser log files

In HDIP, a script will evaluate the laser log file after it has been imported from your laser. This script detects any anomalies that are present in the laser log file and raises warnings.These warnings do not prevent the user from proceeding with the data analysis, but are mainly there to make the user aware of potential issues. For example, it could be that the laser log file contains a set of experiment which were not run yet, or that the time between different ablation patterns is very long. In HDIP v1.3.1.1056, the warning system for the laser log file evaluation has been expanded. This expansion has added warnings for multiple situations:

  • A laser pattern was not run yet, and therefore does not contain the lasing timestamps.
  • There is more than 1000s between consecutive laser patterns. This could for example indicate that the experiment was paused, or something went wrong with the experiment. In any case, the user is made aware of this.
  • The lasing time of a pattern lies within the lasing time of another pattern. This is obviously an issue.
  • The detector data acquisition has been stopped before the scan was completed: this happens when the ICP-MS is programmed to shut down prematurely. This warning makes the user aware that he should adjust his measuring protocol, as only a part of the data was captured. Note that HDIP is able to still produce partial images from partially recorded data.
  • The lasing time is zero or negative.
  • Something went wrong with processing the laser log file.

The warnings are displayed in the import screen:

We are looking to expand the warning system, so if anyone comes up with any other situation in which warnings have to be displayed, please reply to this topic! We are happy to implement additional warnings. If you have any trouble with importing laser log files, please contact us, as we are happy to help. Note that only laser log files from Chromium 2 can be imported (.lase and .scancsv). Right now, we do not support Iolite log files.

Kind regards,

The HDIP development team.